What happens on a Coach Trip

Below is a summary of your average coach day out.

  • We pick you up where you elected to get on
  • You'll be given a sheet of paper summarising the trip details. This will always include:
  • The walks you can choose to go on.
  • The times and places the coach will pick you up from. (Your walk leader will get you to these points.)
  • Details about the future trips that you can book for.
  • You are asked to wear a mask when boarding and leaving the coach and standing in the aisle.  Once you are seated (with the seat belt fastenened which is a legal requirement) you may remove your mask.


  • During the initial part of the journey there will be the chance to book on future trips and settle-up any un-paid seats.
  • About an hour into the journey all the coaches will meet up at a service station or car park (i.e., somewhere that has toilets). This, in theory, is just a brief stop
  • After this rendezvous the coaches will head to the final destination and pull-up at each walk's starting point where the courrier will call out when each walk needs to get off.
  • That's the grind over and done with and it's time for fun.


  • From now-on you're in the hands of your walk leader. They will take you on the walk, try and make sure you have a great day and get you back to the pick-up point in good time.
  • Once you're back there is often an hour to check-out the town and go to a pub or cafe.
  • Back on the coach life's easy; wait until it gets you home and then get off.
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