Privacy and Cookie Policy

Our Cookie policy is simple: we do not use them; thus we do not track your use of this site for any internal or external purpose.

Our Privacy policy is nearly as simple. We need you contact details; this could include name, address, telephone numbers and email address. However these details will only be used for purely administrative reasons relating to your booking.

We use Spanglefish Analytics to provide top level information about how many visits we have had and what pages have been viewed; this is just an over-view of activity and does not allow us to identify you.

To be clear:

  • We will keep your personal details, as listed above, as secure as we can.
  • We will give your name and mobile number to our coach company on the understanding that it is only used for logistical reasons and only for the day you have booked. Data Protection prevents them from using your details out-side this context.
  • Except for the above, we will never sell or give away your details to a third party.
  • We will not use the details you provide for any reason aside administration. This explicitly excludes us from using your details to solicit any future bookings.
  • If you book with us then we will retain your details for 10 years. This is just for legal, auditing and IT reasons. After 10 years of not booking your details will be removed.


This policy is current as from 20 December 2015 but is subject to review. If changes are made then they will be posted on this page for at least 30 days before the policy comes into effect.

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